4 Ways to Growth Hack With YouTube Ads

With over 2.3 billion users, YouTube is a vast and lively video ecosystem. It has the second largest search engine behind Google, its parent company, and contains users from every niche under the sun. If you're reading this, you're almost certainly a consumer of YouTube content and you may even have your own channel.

If you're not taking advantage of video for your business, you need to take a closer look at what YouTube offers. The benefits of having an active presence on the platform are too important to overlook.

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Benefits of YouTube Ads

From tutorials to pranks, and from conferences and livestreams to music, YouTube hosts it all. While spending the time to become a YouTube creator may not be in the cards for you, taking advantage of the video platform is still possible. YouTube paid ads are an effective way to approach users on the platform and onboard them onto your sales funnel.

Before looking at the different ways you can use YouTube ads, it's important to understand the advantages for your business. Harnessing these benefits has the potential to propel you ahead of your competition.

Vast Ad Inventory

The size of YouTube's audience guarantees that you will find ad space for your brand's purposes. With over 720,000 hours of video being uploaded to the platform per day, the ad inventory is virtually endless.

Unique Targeting Options

If there's a group of users out there that fit your customer avatar, YouTube ads can spot them. Whether you choose to target interest categories or YouTube creators with channels that perfectly fit your niche, the capacity for laser-targeted ad serving is key.

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Innovative AR Tools

Augmented reality is the ability to offer an interactive experience by placing a virtual layer onto real-world stimuli. Ingress, the innovative AR game gave way to Pokemon Go. Unless you've been living without the internet for over a decade, it's almost impossible to not have heard of the latter.

These games work by getting players to use their mobile devices as a lens through which to view reality. By running your phone over an object, a separate set of visual and auditory events color your experience.

YouTube is just getting started with augmented reality as the service is currently in beta. However, businesses that become first-movers will have the chance to leapfrog ahead of the competition.


Since YouTube ad targeting is precise, a well-made campaign can bring optimal results. Additionally, advertisers that use skippable ads don't have to pay for ones that users skipped within the first 30 seconds. Imagine your website's bounce rate would be if you could discount users that clicked away within 30 seconds of visiting!

Ways to Use YouTube Ads

There are different ways to use paid YouTube Ads. Each brand will benefit differently from ads and should focus on the methods that suit it best. Ultimately, the goal of your YouTube presence should be to grow through offering your audience value.

Grow Your YouTube Channel

If your strategy is to engage your target audience through YouTube content, growing your channel is a must. A robust channel is like building an onramp to your sales funnel. Provide helpful content and your audience will grow to trust you with their patronage.

Drive Sales With Advanced Targeting

The ability to target users with specific interests means you can broadcast your message to warm prospects. If a company sells gun holsters, placing ads before a gun review video can be as simple as using a call to action. You won't need to pave the way with informational content in this case. Viewers that click on the ad will be hot leads.

Reach New Audiences

Growing your brand isn't always a matter of finding evergreen audiences. Your products and services may be appealing to market segments you currently think are outside your reach. YouTube paid ads is a great way to test market segments and determine whether you should target them further.

Create Your Story

Storytelling is an underappreciated and underutilized marketing strategy. A single purchase can be closed by a smart sales video. A loyal customer base, on the other hand, can be built by a compelling story. It's always preferable and more profitable to create a rabid fan base than it is to sell to prospects each time you come in contact with them.

YouTube ads offer you the opportunity to get one foot in the door with prospects. A well-crafted ad campaign backed by value-rich content can turn indifferent window shoppers into lifetime customers.

Take Your First Steps Toward YouTube Success

YouTube is a platform that offers you the opportunity to engage with audiences like no other service. Facebook and Instagram are immensely popular but ads are more throw-away in nature. They can be hit or miss depending on the user's newsfeed and surrounding content. For the user, most social media ad platforms are like driving through neon-lit Las Vegas. YouTube ads are like stopping for a chat with the chef of an Italian restaurant while walking the streets of a Sicilian town with a shirt on that reads: “I'm hungry.”