Episode 4: What Channel Should I Get Customers From?

Episode Summary

Where do I get customers from? The internet is a massive vessel from which you can advertise. Should you start with Google Ads? What About Facebook? Instagram? And the list goes on. In this episode, we discuss how to pick the right channel to start advertising using the CAR method. CAR is an acronym that stands for capabilities, access, and resources. You don’t want to miss this one!

Audio Transcript

Today, we will be covering what to do after you’ve selected your target audience. The idea here being that we now need to market ourselves. So what do you do next?

It’s safe to assume that anyone listening to this podcast has a fixed budget to spend on marketing. So the logical question to ask is: where is my budget best spent?

Another safe assumption would be listeners want results.

Results can mean many different things to many different people. Today we will be focusing on acquiring new customers and the steps to take after you’ve selected your target audience.

As growth hackers, our philosophy is to find the fastest and the most cost effective ways to revenue.

From the digital marketing standpoint, let’s cover some of our options we can use to market a business. You can rank you website on the search engines, either using Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click. You can send emails to either existing data or acquire new emails. You can pay for banner ads on specific websites that your audience visits. And of course, you can use social media…

Generally speaking and depending on the business; social media can be the fastest and most cost effective way to revenue.

For the moment, I'll pretend that everyone agrees with us that social media is the right option. Now that we are on the same page let’s get into the details. The first thing we need to do when we are doing social media marketing is to select a channel.

So what are the options: YouTube Facebook Instagram Snapchat TIKTOK LinkedIn Twitter and Pinterest

And this list will continue to grow in the years to come. BUT don’t get overwhelmed there is a simple way to pick a social media platform. You ready for the secret? Find which one your audience lives on.

If you haven’t already identified your target audience, you’ll need to go back and listen to episode 3 which helps you select your Target audience.

If you have, we have this great resource for you, it comes from Social Sprout.

Computerized Voice: What is social sprout?

Social Sprout took data collected in 2018 by the Pew Research Center and made it into a simple to digest infographic. The infographic looks at the demographics of users on the major social media platforms that will help you decide which channel your target audience spends the most time on. The link will be available in the show notes.

Since most of you are listening to this, let’s give some examples of what channels potential customers maybe on.

Let’s assume your consumers are teenagers. I’m guessing most of you by now know that they can be found using SnapChat and Instagram. There is also a new player on the field TikTok, formerly known as Musically.

Let’s cover the data: 70 percent of teenagers use SnapChat and 72 percent are using Instagram. Generation Z is looking for the newest and greatest social media platform which is causing a massive decline on Facebook for this audience.

Jumping to the complete opposite generation, let’s talk about baby boomers. As most of you know in the last several years they’ve jumped on the social media bandwagon. Either to reconnect with friends or to see photos of their grandchildren.

Take a guess what channel they are using. PAUSE You guessed it right, Facebook. 41% of baby boomers use Facebook. The shocking other channel they are using is YouTube. In fact 40% of baby boomers use YouTube.

Don’t expect them to be posting a TikTok video anytime soon unless their grandchild decides to put them in one of their prank videos.

We’ve covered two generations here, when you get a chance check out the infographic Social Sprout created to look at different age ranges, genders and other demographics to see where your audience is spending their time on social media.

Now that we know what channels our audience is using, the next logical step is to go and market to them on these channels. Now be careful because this can be a trap.

Computerized Voice: A digital marketing trap…..

Why would marketing to your audience on a channel that they use be a trap? Without considering what type of content performs well on the channel and the capabilities or resources you have you may end up failing on that channel.

We’ve developed a strategy that we call The Car Method. What it does is looks at the type of content that works well on the platform then factors if you are capable of being successful on the platform.

C.A.R, is an acronym that we’ve created and it stands for: C, capabilities A, access R, resources

Starting with C for capabilities, it refers to the hard skills needed to create content. Being able to use photoshop, edit videos, record sound, being able to write a script or a blog post. Assessing the capabilities you have will start you down the path of figuring out what channel will work best. Remember that every channel has different content that performs well and choosing the channel that has content in your realm of abilities is where you want to begin.

Next we have A for access, it refers to who you have access to, do you have access to your customers? Do you have access to an industry expert? Do you have access to employees? The type of access you have will determine what kind of content you can produce.

And lastly we have R for resources, it refers to the capital that you have to invest in the resources that you lack. For example, if you don’t have an in-house video editor but you can afford to outsource one. Or maybe you have someone on your team that has editing experience and can edit the video. If you don’t have the financial resources to hire a video editor then you might decide to skip filming long videos and focus on creating different content instead. The more resources you have, the more options you have to test out different content.

It’s important to remember the acronym C.A.R when determining channel and content. You need to evaluate your capabilities, know who and what you have access to; and finally what resources you are able to use to create content.

Thank you for joining us today on our Growth Hacking podcast. We have future episodes that will expand on the topics covered here today. We will also have guest speakers joining us to discuss strategy, media channels and other relevant topics to help you succeed with digital marketing.