How Can You Benefit From Clubhouse?

Bre Donofrio is a professional Clubhouse moderator. While the platform hasn't been around long, Bre has managed to make her presence felt on Clubhouse and create a large following. Her knowledge and experience is valuable to those seeking to leverage this burgeoning new way of communicating online.

As per Zoe, Clubhouse is a mix of podcast meets Zoom meets talk radio. Another way to look at it is a combination of Zoom and Instagram. There is no newsfeed and there are to posts to publish and read. Clubhouse is voice only; a much different approach to social media than users are accustomed to.

Instead of the familiar newsfeed, you find on other social media apps, Clubhouse has a hallway. Visualize a big university building where classes are taking place in different rooms. With Clubhouse, you enter the hallway and pick a room to enter that fits your interests.

Effects of pandemic ></p>
<h2>What Is the Effect of the Pandemic on Clubhouse?</h2>
<p>The pandemic has made Clubhouse take off. From the end of 2020 and into 2021, Clubhouse has proven to be a superior alternative to Zoom. Overall engagement and the ability to connect with people is better and people are noticing it.</p>
<p>There is a greater degree of intimacy on Clubhouse. People seek out organic interaction and this results in more meaningful relationship-building.</p>
<h2>Why Clubhouse?</h2>
<p>The platform had 1,500 users in May of 2020 and two million users in January of 2021. Now, Clubhouse boasts <a href=10 million users and is set to grow exponentially into a major contender in the social media space.

If you're a business owner, you can start to see why getting on Clubhouse now is a big opportunity. At the rate the userbase is growing, Clubhouse is set to have hundreds of millions of active users by the end of the year. Establishing a strong presence on Clubhouse can put your brand ahead of the curve.

While the platform is experiencing significant growth, the invite-only nature of Clubhouse makes people more careful about who they invite. Thus, users come onto Clubhouse with the intent to provide value.

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What Are Some Growth Hacks for Clubhouse?

At this point of the app's lifecycle, you only have a few connections. Clubhouse users have a social responsibility to bring on people that will not make them look bad. Your relationships with users are visible and so keeping them limited to people that are on Clubhouse to provide value is key.

Your content on the platform is your voice in the moment. There are no recordings and endless newsfeeds to carry users down content rabbit holes. Therefore, there is no pre-planning, which makes the experience authentic.

The nature of this type of Clubhouse interaction accelerates networking and relationship-building. If you can facilitate meaningful conversation, your connections with prospective customers and business partners will be fast. This makes the platform more time-efficient than any other social media service.

It's important to give without expecting to receive something in return. This may hold for any marketing effort but is especially true on Clubhouse. By openly offering your knowledge, people will want to continue conversations and reach out to you.

Deals are happening on Clubhouse. As long as you don't come into the conversation with the intent to sell, people will respond favorably. Clubhouse users can tell when someone is eager to close sales, so be sure to leave any expectations to receive for other venues.

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Clubhouse Strategy

Bre emphasizes that when you join Clubhouse, you need to upload a profile photo and a complete bio before getting up to speak. Moderators and other users will not want to interact with an incomplete and hastily thrown-together profile. Give it some thought and be sure that your profile reflects the image you want people to have of you.

Furthermore, keep in mind that Clubhouse does not have a messaging feature. If you hope to communicate with users beyond the platform, you should link up your Twitter and Instagram accounts. If you don't have either, it's a good idea to create an account for use as a way of messaging others. Without a method for people to reach you off Clubhouse, you won't be able to capitalize on your time spent on the platform.

A good strategy is to go into rooms and listen. Spend some time early on feeling out the process. Learn about how rooms are moderated and how people speak on stage.

Then, start raising your hand so you can get on stage and contribute. You could simply ask a question or contribute a comment. Tell people to reach out to you and you will find that users will respond.

Look for as many opportunities to moderate. Host rooms as well as co-moderating with other users. Community-building is a huge part of the Clubhouse experience and you should strive to create lively communities of your own.

If You're Nervous About Starting Your Own Room

Clubhouse is a new platform and there are no steadfast conventions you need to be anxious about. If you've spent time watching what others do, you will be ready to jump in and start contributing. To facilitate starting your own room, have questions and talking points prepared so you can keep the conversation going.

Pay attention and notice people on stage. Notice who has un-muted their mic so you can tell who might be willing to speak. Being attentive to people's willingness to contribute will make them feel more at ease. Be polite, gracious and reward people for their participation.

For anyone still anxious about starting a room, consider getting a friend to help you out. It's easier when you have someone else with you.

Reaching Out to Bre Donofrio

Reach Bre on Instagram as well as Twitter and LinkedIn. Bre is on all platforms with her name so you can easily find her there.