How to Generate a Following on Clubhouse

  • Build your bio
  • Start inviting people
  • Participate actively in rooms
  • Host Events

Clubhouse is a promising new app that' is set to take the social media status quo head-on. The platform is new on the scene but many big names like Drake, Ashton Kutcher, and Elon Musk have already joined and are active on Clubhouse.

The app is a voice-based service that centers around conversations. Similar to brick and mortar clubhouses, like-minded people get together to have discussions about whatever is on their minds. This provides business owners a new medium through which to promote their brands.

While Clubhouse is not the marketplace that Facebook has become, it offers the potential to build relationships with potential clients. This offers the prospect of attracting long-lasting leads as opposed to making a quick sale. When leveraged correctly, Clubhouse can elevate your business by building a loyal clientele.

Up from 600,000 in December of 2020, Clubhouse currently has six million users and is growing steadily. There is a massive first-mover advantage to be had and those looking to capitalize on this opportunity should act now. Let's look at how you can build a following so you can reap the benefits Clubhouse has to offer.

Building Your Bio

As with any social media platform, building your bio is important for getting people to notice you. The first thing people will notice is your profile picture. You want to use a headshot that will stand out. Use a background color for your profile photo other than white. Since the background beyond your photo's space is white, you want to create a contrast.

When uploading a profile photo, consider the vibe you want to give off. Is there a certain element you want your brand to convey? Tailor your profile photo accordingly.

You can also use your profile photo to leverage social proof. If you have an image with you and a celebrity, it will pique the interest of other users. You can change your profile photo as often as you like, so your choice isn't final.

After you decide on a profile photo, it's time to work on your bio. Focus on the first couple of lines of the bio. The first one or two sentences should be your hook. Use them to draw people in and have them continue reading.

A good formula to use is: “I help (your target market) achieve (goal) without (pain point).” For example, if you are a personal trainer, you might consider something like: “I help gym-goers get ripped without bland diets and boring workouts.”

You don't have to include a pain point as long as you convey the key benefit for your target audience. At Papi Digital, our hook is: “I'm here to grow people's podcasts from thousands of listeners to hundreds of thousands of listeners.”

Talk about some of your successes and mention any awards you have received. Your bio is your opportunity to shine. Attract followers by showing them what they have to gain from associating with you. Furthermore, be sure to follow your bio with a link to your website. If people are intrigued by your bio, you want them to have immediate access to your web presence.

Since your bio is searchable, try to include relevant keywords as you would on your website. You don't have to go overboard, but a little keyword research goes a long way. As always, work these keywords into your bio naturally and avoid keyword stuffing.

Start Inviting People to the App

Once you are on Clubhouse and you have a complete profile, start inviting people to the app. People that may benefit from the app while adding to the community should be first on your list. Try and invite people that you think will be active on the platform. The more active they are, the more your influence will grow through their presence.

Start Jumping Into Rooms

You can start to test the Clubhouse waters by stepping into some rooms. Try to mostly visit rooms that center around your topics of interest. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't delve into other rooms but it will help you build your influence quicker if you start in familiar territory.

Start participating in conversations by raising your hand and gradually gaining popularity. Try to be the first person in a room and put your hand up immediately. You want to engage the community as soon as possible. Being among the first people in a room also has the benefit of prioritizing you to be a moderator. People will appreciate your willingness to take initiative and reward you for it. Eventually, you'll want to start building your own rooms.

Host Events

Try getting a few other people that you've met to be a part of your room and make them moderators. This will act as a chain reaction as they will bring in like-minded people that follow them, resulting in harmonious, organic growth.

Implement Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While using Clubhouse, you need to keep your digital marketing strategy and goals in mind. Develop a plan to attract qualified leads without coming off as salesy. Your objective is to offer massive value. Share as many resources as you can without holding back.

There are innovative tactics you can use for achieving your goals. For example, change your profile photo often. You can use a screenshot with useful information that will attract your ideal customer. Give shout outs and make people feel welcome. The combination of providing value and being personable will go a long way on Clubhouse.

Finally, have fun with it and offer smiles and laughs. Clubhouse provides a new way of communicating with others. If you can entertain, educate and generate trust, you can leverage Clubhouse in building your brand world-wide.

Imagine you had the opportunity to turn back the clock by 15 years and make money on Facebook with what you know now. Clubhouse is just that, minus the time travel. Download the app, get invited and be one of the first-movers.