It's Not Too Late to Benefit From TikTok

TikTok is a social media success with millions of enthusiastic users. As of February 2021, the platform boasts over one billion users, most of whom are active daily. The enthusiasm around the use of TikTok presents business owners with countless growth hacking opportunities to be pursued on the platform.

In this week's episode, Papi Digital is joined by Daniela Genie. Daniela is the ideal person to have a conversation with regarding TikTok. Being with the platform since its inception as, Daniela held the position of Partner Manager and wore many hats at the burgeoning startup.

Though many people knew about the new app when it first launched in 2017, it took a while for the new service to gain popularity on the mainstream level. In 2018, the video-sharing platform was rebranded after it was acquired by ByteDance. Daniela started with creative and content and thus has a unique, well-rounded perspective on how individual users, as well as brands, can flourish on TikTok.

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<h2>Why Should You Be Paying Attention to Tiktok and Why Should You Get on the Platform?</h2>
<p>Freelancers, sole proprietorships, and businesses should be paying attention to TikTok. With a vast userbase and a high chance of achieving virality, TikTok makes sense for any marketing endeavor. The short-form video-sharing platform allows businesses to diversify their social media presence from just Facebook or Instagram.</p>
<p>TikTok is a platform that can offer immediate benefits but can also pay dividends in the long term. Young users that use the platform today will grow with the brands they engage on TikTok. This means that a business can build a clientele for the future by strengthening its current relationship with its audience. As young users grow and mature, they will become valuable consumers for your business. </p>
<p>Business owners that are less concerned with playing the long game will be delighted to know that all generations are on TikTok. Your digital marketing strategy on the platform can be crafted to target the <a href=demographics that are closer to your customer avatar.

Out of its over one billion users, 800 million are active daily. This translates to a direct line of communication with your audience.

How to Get Started on TikTok

The best way to take advantage of TikTok is to jump on the platform as soon as you can and learn the ropes. When you open the app, you feel lost as it can seem overwhelming.

Spend as much time as possible on the platform. Seek out content you enjoy and look for the kinds of things the platform recommends for you. It won't take long for you to learn how to "speak the language."

After you've spent time on TikTok as an average user, it's time to focus on a specific category. This is where you begin to hone in on content that relates to your niche. Eventually, you want to start creating content and putting it out on the platform so that you start to build an audience.

Daniela recommends that you create educational content. She notes that 11 to 15-second videos are the best at capturing people's interest. This duration is ideal for users' attention spans as social media tends to lead to information overload.

Create engaging videos so that the TikTok algorithm recommends your videos to other users. There's no need to focus on follower numbers in the beginning. A single viral video can spur growth for you, giving your following the critical mass it needs to build a sustainable lead magnet.

Pay attention to how your content is received. Are people commenting and sharing your videos? This will tell you what aspects to focus on. Analyzing a successful video will lead you to the characteristics that your audience is looking for.

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How to Educate People on Tiktok

Educational content is ideal for TikTok and this type of content has exploded in the last year. However, it may seem a tall order to try and educate in a 15-second video. You need to learn how to teach and add value to the community in that short span.

Short tips are great for this. TikTok videos are not meant to be university courses on a subject. A short hack that adds value to your user's everyday life can make all the difference.

One way business owners can find success on TikTok is to leverage existing creators on the platform. Daniela's insights on how to work with a TikTok creator can fast-track your success..

Daniela points out that most brands make the mistake of telling creators what to do. In the business's effort to keep a firm grasp over their brand image, they dictate too tightly with regards to what creators should do. The way to make partnering with a creator a win-win scenario is to allow them creative freedom.

TikTok creators know their audiences and will broadcast your message better. They know what people respond to and what makes users come back for more. Exerting too much control on their creativity will result in the message looking too salesy. This will not end up damaging your effort as well as the creator's reputation.

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What Numbers Should You Be Paying Attention To?

As with other video-centric platforms, video views and engagement in the form of comments and the number of shares are the most important metrics. These numbers will guide you to evaluating a creator's content as well as your own.

When choosing a creator to work with, you need to know if this person is someone that users are going back to and watching their content, or are they a one-hit-wonder? Some creators make a great video that gets millions of views but don't have much to show past that.

Taking a look at their overall numbers will give you an idea as to what kind of creator they are. You want to work with a creator that has consistency in their performance. Working with a content creator that only has a couple of wildly successful videos in a sea of mediocre content is not prohibitive. Just be fully aware that your message may or may not reach the audience size you're hoping for.

Get Started Today

Daniela Genie has a message for prospective users wishing to market on TikTok. She urges you to jump on the platform as it is never too late to start. Hire someone that understands the platform, if you have the budget. A rising tide raises all ships and success on TikTok will only work synergistically with other social media platforms.