Marketing Tips for Underdogs

This isn't 1999 or even 2004. If you're not a big corporation with virtually endless funds to throw at your marketing, then you're an underdog.

Is that a bad thing?

Not at all. Everyone loves an underdog, as long as you can display the growth hacking heroics that add value to your audience while enjoying an acceptable return on investment.

Arjun Rai of Smart marketing for Underdogs gives you the inside baseball on how you can make your mark in the digital marketing space without a Big Tech-sized budget.

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<h2>An Interesting Perspective on Social Media</h2>
<p>Arjun Rai helps small businesses with smart marketing. On the tech side, this entails AI and data science. However, as Arjun advises, you mustn't become overly preoccupied with the mechanics. Mindset is key and thinking about content from an evergreen perspective will make a big difference.</p>
<p>Other than creating content for one-time use, Arjun believes you should be able to reuse content. A smart library allows you to do this sustainably and effectively. Think of a smart library as a user interface where you have categories and themes that can store multiple pieces of content ready to be reused on command.</p>
<p>The mainstream consensus seems to be that you should be producing unique content day in and day out if you hope to make a dent in your niche. Nothing could be further from the truth. While you shouldn't go around spamming the internet with duplicate content, the correct classification of your material allows for highly effective dissemination of your message from existing material. </p>
<h2>About Categories</h2>
<p>Compartmentalizing your content for your brand's different objectives will allow you to get the right tool for the job every time. Examples of content that can be reused such as motivational quotes or product tips are can be highly effective in a Facebook group.</p>
<p>Evergreen tips can be used again and again as each new user that enters your group will be looking for similar answers as the rest of the members. For example, a coffee shop may have different flavors it promotes. Mondays can be mocha days. Where does mocha come from and how does it differ from chocolate?</p>
<p>A content calendar works as your scaffolding. Different permutations of your existing content can produce posts that serve the same purpose and meet users' needs. Memes fit this description. Monday and Friday memes are some of the most compelling pieces of content for students and employees. Tap into the zeitgeist and build your content categories in such a way that invokes emotion yet minimizes your content creation.</p>
<p>You need to figure out what the audience responds to and create your scaffolding.</p>
<h2>Arjun and Pets</h2>
<p>Bringing pets to work and underdogs go hand in hand. Not only is it a play on words in this case, but Arjun finds that this concept does well with clients as people end up investing in his company.</p>
<p>Is this just another feel-good dog or cat meme idea?</p>
<p>Well, yes and no. You shouldn't just be promoting your product. You need to be relatable and few things can make you more relatable than a pet. For your business, this may mean something else. Find your point of relatedness.</p>
<h2>Social Media Posts</h2>
<p>Caption, photos, emojis, and other ingredients play as important a role in your social media posts as text, if not greater. How do you optimize the elements of a post? You can go by experience, which is always useful, or you can introduce the help of a smart tool in your content creation.</p>
<p>Arjun talks about HelloWoofy, a tool that boosts your digital marketing game. The text editor recommends elements for crafting the perfect message with the help of AI. You can then schedule the post for the ideal time where it will receive maximum engagement.</p>
<p>When posting, you should be sharing engaging text, calls to action with as much creativity and visual impact as possible. Emojis play an important role in the social media ecosystem and you should be thoughtful and creative with your emojis.</p>
<p>When typing in a phrase like

Still not convinced about the effectiveness of emojis? As per Arjun, using them gives you a 58% uplift in engagement and a 64% uptick in purchase intent. Just think what those percentages could mean for your business.

Frequency of Posts

How often should you post? Should you attempt to constantly be in the face of your audience or should you leverage a little scarcity?

As with interpersonal relationships, your use of social media should be governed by something Carlos Santana once said about his concerts. The famous rock guitarist stated that he keeps his shows to 90 minutes. For his type of performance art, an hour and a half is the ideal duration where fans get enough to be satisfied but not too much where they'll pass up on attending Santana's concert the next time he's in town.

For TikTok and Instagram, less is more. A couple of times a week is ideal for these platforms as can be witnessed by the posting behavior of some of the biggest influencers in the world. Twitter is a more fast-paced platform. No one would spite you for posting a couple of times a day on Twitter, but you should strive to find a sweet spot where you leave your followers craving for more.

As far as Facebook pages go, you should be posting approximately four to five times a week. For LinkedIn, on the other hand, your posts should be sparse but valuable, sharable, and powerful. On the popular professional network, you should aim to drop bombs that leave your audience waiting for the next notification on their feed from your account.

future of social media.jpg

What Does the Future Hold for Social?

This question takes on new meaning as the world exits the recent health crisis. The pandemic reset consumers' and marketers' minds in terms of how they conduct business online. The rise of social audio and smart speaker marketing is critical for the future and needs to enter your marketing mix. Keep in mind that audio and streaming are here to stay.

The companies that understand and implement these methods and the relevant strategies correctly will be the most successful.

To learn more about Arjun Rai and his innovative tool for social media and blogging, head over to HelloWoofy. You can check out the platforms with which the tool currently integrates as well as the many others that you'll be able to dominate soon with the help of this game-changing tool.