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We’ve Pioneered a New Way To Get Podcast Listeners. This is Podcast Marketing Reimagined!

Unfortunately, it can be difficult and expensive to attract listeners to your podcast. Podcast marketing still needs to catch up with other types of media marketing.

This is where Papi Digital comes in. We consider ourselves podcast growth hackers. We have pioneered a proven way to highlight your best podcasts, focus on your desired audience, and turn clicks into listens. And, we can do it all at a price you can afford.


You Are Losing Money with Traditional Podcast Marketing


High Advertising Rates


Forced Advertising


Untrackable Results

You Are Losing Money with Traditional Podcast Marketing

Choosing to advertise on another podcast is expensive, feels forced, and it can be difficult to track results. Traditional podcast marketing gives you a cost per thousand (CPM) listeners. The more popular a podcast is, the more expensive the advertising rates will be. The average rate is around $25 CPM for a 60-second ad. These prices translate to about $5 to $15 per listener.

Along with the high costs, the advertising can often feel unnatural and forced, which can potentially turn off listeners. Even if you do get new listeners after spending thousands of dollars to advertise on another podcast, there is almost no way to track where those listeners came from. There is no trail to follow from one podcast to another.

When you choose Papi Digital, we have solutions to all these marketing issues. We use paid, targeted social media ads that reach the right audience. We have a goal of earning you more listeners for less than $0.30 each. We also have a proven method that tracks ad interactions to give you real results.

The Paid Social Podcast Marketing Solution

We use a results-driven four-step process to help grow your podcast from thousands of listeners to hundreds of thousands of listeners.

We start with your episodes that have the most listeners. These are episodes that far exceed your average listen rate. We then listen to these keystone episodes and find attention-grabbing soundbites that can perform well on their own. These clips typically range between 30 and 60 seconds.

With our selection of soundbites, we narrow it down to the five best options. We then design visual assets that will enhance the audio from your podcast. We create unique assets that turn viewers into listeners.

These assets usually include an eye-catching top title bar, captions that highlight key words and phrases from the podcast, and an animation that creates a visual representation of the soundbite. At the end of the clip, there will be a “Listen Now” button that leads to a Chartable landing page. This is where you can bring in potential listeners.

Our ad testing system is broken down into three stages.

● Stage 1: We will use a combination of typography and celebrity to bring attention to your podcast on Facebook and Instagram. Celebrities can appeal to certain users, while typography can attract someone’s attention. The celebrity aspect can either be the podcast guest or the host.

● Stage 2: It is difficult to track podcast marketing. However, we have found a way to improve our tracking capabilities with Chartable. This technology uses SmartLink capabilities to extract data from certain activities. It is optimized for both desktop and mobile experiences.

● Stage 3: After gathering statistics from the previous two stages, we examine how well each asset is performing and calculate the “cost per listen.” We want this rate to be as low as possible. With this information, we can make modifications, if needed.

By focusing on the cost per listen, our campaigns have helped podcast businesses save money. Our goal is to deliver campaigns with cost-per-listen rates between $0.08 and $0.50. We focus on buying media spots on Facebook and Instagram, which we have found return the lowest cost per listen numbers.

We want to make podcast audience growth something that is attainable for all podcast owners.

Want More Listeners? Just Call Us

You want your podcast to succeed and so do we. At Papi Digital, we have built a team of creative professionals who put success as our top priority. That is how we become pioneers in the podcast marketing industry.

We are ready to work with you every step of the way. This includes building a podcast marketing strategy, producing your custom assets, distributing your marketing, and watching your podcast grow.

If you are not happy with our work or results, we will keep working with you until you are. We are proud of our innovative podcast marketing methodology and want to put it to work for you. We love creating custom solutions for our clients.

If you want to start seeing phenomenal podcast audience growth, Papi Digital is here for you. Your podcast deserves more listeners, and we can help you get them. Contact us today to get started.


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